Quick Snack

Quick Snack

Just wanted to share this yummy, quick snack that I threw together last night. It was so satisfying and tasty I made it again today! Three ingredients. Crackers, cheese and bruschetta! Here’s what I used…

Mary’s Gone Crackers – Herb (Gluten-Free)
1 Laughing Cow Wedge Light Swiss Original
Trader Joe’s Roasted Red Pepper and Artichoke Tapenade

That’s it! Simply assemble and enjoy. You could certainly mix and match different ingredients to satisfy your taste buds. I really enjoyed Trader Joe’s Jarred Tapenade. Their products are surprisingly reasonably priced, and I haven’t been let down yet on flavor. Also, I use 6 – 8 crackers with one Laughing Cow Wedge. This snack easily comes in around 150 calories or less, for those of you counting.

Please share what you come up with!  Also, any ideas on how else to use the tapenade?


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3 Responses to “Quick Snack”

  1. sisterrosie Says:

    Just looked up some uses of tapenade on a French blog (after all, this yummy is theirs – they should know what to eat it with, right?). Some recommendations include using it on pizza (pre-veg), in tuna sandwiches, stuffed in meat, as an addition to savoury muffins, seasoning for roast veg, with boiled eggs (I can see it working well with scrambled eggs for breakfast!), or served with the cheese board…
    Oh my goodness, I haven’t had tapenade in years and years. J’en ai hâte! Now you’ve got me looking up recipes!

  2. sisterrosie Says:

    I just read what you’re up to with this vegetarianism lark – whoops! On reflection, the pizza, sandwiches, meat, muffins, and cheese board are out. Guess that leaves the veg and eggs? Enjoy! 😉

  3. Kendall Micayla Says:

    mmmm! this sounds delicious!

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