Quick Tip

Glass Containers

If you are looking for inexpensive food storage check out your local thrift store. I adore these flip top glass containers. You would be amazed to know how many of these are just waiting for you to scoop them up! And, at .99 cents a pop, why wouldn’t you?! My favorite in this set is certainly the “tea” container. I have a deep love for typography, so this makes me very happy.

I’ve used these glass containers pictured for my assortment of raw nuts and seeds. The green stuff you see is one of my treats from Hawaii. Crunchy Wasabi Peanuts. They are so yummy. I have no idea if they are healthy or not, but the sweetness of the peanut mixed with the crunchy wasabi shell are super yummy. The uses for these jars are endless! I have some larger ones I use for baking items, such as flour, sugar, etc. Also, our dog has claimed two smaller ones for his treats. Don’t be limited to food storage uses, however, as these containers are great for anything!

*TIP: If you are using for food storage, try to find containers that have a good rubber seal. I’ve come across some that are brittle and not usable. In this case, I simply use it for non-food items.

Get out there and give these unwanted items a second chance!


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