Saturday Breakfast

Saturday Breakfast

This weekend my Mom, Dad and little sister were in town to spend some time with us for the New Year. I’ve been studying Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook (that Dustin bought for me our first Christmas as a married couple) quite a bit over the last month. I used it to bake some wonderful Christmas cookies that I’ll share with you later. For breakfast though, I decided to try my hand at making Buttermilk Biscuits from scratch. The local Apple Butter my Mom gave me was so tasty on them, too!

Also, I made this Goat Cheese Quiche with Hash-Brown Crust that I found on Martha’s website. Do I even have to tell you it was good? Well, it was amazing. The only change I made was topping it with grated zucchini instead of scallions. Dustin hates onions of any form… even leeks! (Which I love!) It really added some lovely color to the quite yellow table. Even my 10 year old sister ate this and enjoyed it, even though hearing “goat cheese” made her uneasy.

Would you look at that crust! Mmm…

Saturday Breakfast

Saturday Breakfast

Saturday Breakfast


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One Response to “Saturday Breakfast”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I know it’s summer now, but this may be the best looking breakfast item I’ve ever seen!

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