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Romanesco Broccoli (Roman Cauliflower)

November 29, 2010

Romanesco Broccoli

I’ve been very curious about this vegetable I’d been seeing at my local Farmers Market. What was it? It looked almost medieval. What would it taste like? How would one prepare it?

I’m always up for trying new vegetables. Generally, I try them raw, first. Then, I roast simply with olive oil, salt and pepper. I love roasted cauliflower. This reminded me of cauliflower. So, I finally decided to purchase a small romanesco broccoli to sample. I plan to eat this in the next few days. I’ll report back my findings!

Romanesco Broccoli

Apparently, this vegetable was first documented in Italy in the sixteenth century, and it’s a variant of cauliflower. Much prettier than your run of the mill white variety that you normally consume. It is such a neat example of a fractal in nature. Very inspiring!

Romanesco Broccoli

Have you had this yet? If so, how did you prepare it? I’d love to hear about your ideas, too, on preparing this wonderfully unique vegetable.