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Simple Figgy Breakfast

September 9, 2010

Simple Figgy Breakfast

This weekend I bought some figs at the Farmers Market, but they were quickly heading towards the grave. Knowing we wouldn’t eat all of them before they went bad, I thought: JAM!

Typically, you want to use your best fruits for making jam, but I figured I needed to whip up a small batch that I’d use over the course of this week. This was such a simple quick jam to make, and it pairs beautifully with this local lemon quark on a warm toasty english muffin.

Fig & Honey Jam
Yields about 1 cup.

1 pound figs, peeled and finely chopped
3/4 cup local clover honey
Juice of 1/4 lemon and some zest

Simply combine all ingredients over medium high heat. Bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer until thick. Consistency is up to your preferences. Once ready, transfer to a pretty jar, and allow to cool before refrigerating.

Again, I paired mine with a local lemon quark from Spring Hill Cheese Co. Quark is lower in fat and calories than most cheese and so rich in flavor. It’s a German style cream cheese. This lemon flavor tastes like dessert on it’s own! But, add the jam and whoa! So good.



Huevos con Salsa Verde

January 16, 2010

Huevos con Salsa Verde

Some of my favorite flavors are those based in Latin dishes. These foods are typically packed with gobs of calories and fat. I enjoy deconstructing those traditional meals, and creating dishes that are much healthier yet still very tasty and satisfying.

One thing you have to try {if you haven’t already} is making homemade salsas. This is one of the easiest things to make, and salsas add so much flavor and punch to all sorts of dishes. I typically puree my salsas. Why? #1. My husband won’t eat onions, no matter how small they are diced, he will find them! #2. It’s so easy! Minimal chopping. Super fast. Quick clean up.

Huevos con Salsa Verde

Today I made my first salsa verde. It was so fresh and tasty {although I completely forgot to add garlic!}. Just remember to always salt and pepper everything. At least, it will be well seasoned!

To make this breakfast. Cook 2 large eggs and top with salsa verde, light sour cream, 3 slices of avocado* and cilantro. That’s it! This would be really good wrapped in a small tortilla or even served with some fat-free or low-fat refried beans. Or black beans if you don’t care for refried beans.

Huevos con Salsa Verde

*Avocado Tip: I always squeeze a bit of lemon juice on my avocado. Also, sprinkle a little salt and pepper. The lemon juice really brightens the flavor of the avocado. It will also help to keep it from browning once the air hits it.

Happy Weekend!

Angel Hair Zucchini “Pasta”

July 1, 2009

Mock Lemony Creme Pasta

This was super simple to make, super healthy and pretty darn tasty! I would call this Lemony Creme Zucchini Pasta. I adapted a recipe from RAWvolution and made it my own. The recipe was for a RAW “Alfredo” Sauce for your “pasta” noodles, but I didn’t have all the ingredients. I just threw together what I did have and topped it with raw spinach and a dollop of tapenade. It was very refreshing and bright, basically a cold summer pasta salad.

Mock Lemony Creme Pasta

The noodles I made with my new Saladacco Garnishing Machine. I’m so happy I ended up getting it because it really takes veggies to a different level. The zucchini was super easy to get through the machine, and the “noodles” were quite tender but still had a slight crunch. In the book, it was suggested to let the “noodles” sit out at room temperature for a couple hours to improve the texture a bit. I think this did help to feel more like pasta. Don’t you want to eat that bite?!

Angel Hair Zucchini Pasta

Above is the bottom portion of the Saladacco. It’s pretty fun to run these veggies through the machine. Once the “noodles” have all been cut you have to finger through slightly just to break apart. You could also peel the zucchini first, but I like the extra color. Also, I’m sure there are good nutrients in the skin. It’s much thinner and softer than say cucumber skin, so it doesn’t interfere with the texture of the dish.

Angel Hair Zucchini Pasta

All these noodles came from one zucchini! I would say this would feel 2 adults as a main or 4 side servings. The recipe below would probably be enough for the entire bowl of noodles, but I only prepared about a cup of noodles and spooned the sauce over. You may need to adjust if making a large quantity.

Lemony Creme Sauce

1/4 cup raw pine nuts
Juice of one lemon (more or less depending on the flavor you want)
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
1 garlic clove
1/3 cup Thai Coconut Water

*Optional: black pepper, other seasonings. I added a sprinkling of AllSpice, but the original recipe called for Nutmeg, I didn’t have any.

Simply add all ingredients in a blender and blend away. (The sauce will have small chunks of the pine nuts if you are using a common household blender as I was. If using a high speed blender, I would image the sauce will be a little creamier.)

To plate, I piled noodles high, spooned sauce over the noodles. I then topped mine with sliced, raw spinach leaves and a dollop of Roasted Red Pepper Tapenade from Trader Joe’s.

Please share your ideas! I’m sure there are endless possibilities for these noodles. I can’t wait to experiment more!