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Raw Pecan Butter

February 10, 2012

Fresh, Raw Pecan Butter

I was inspired by this post over at Cookie + Kate via TheKitchn to whip up some pecan butter. So, I did!

The only change I made was to use raw pecans. I skipped the toasting. While I’m sure this seriously added to the deliciousness, I’m trying to eat a high raw diet. Also, I could have processed mine longer, but I was impatient! Process longer for an even creamier texture.

Fresh Raw Pecan Butter

I chose to enjoy mine on a slice of toasted Ezekiel bread with some raw honey and a sprinkling of sea salt and cinnamon. Delish!

Eight ounces of nuts produced one jelly jar of pecan butter. Store in the fridge. I imagine it’s best to use this up within a week.

Homemade nut butter would make a great last minute hostess gift! It literally took me all of ten minutes to make. Can’t wait to try more varieties of nut butters. Enjoy!

How to Make Pecan Butter from Cookie + Kate.


I’m baaaack!

January 31, 2012

Well, hello there. I’m finally back to feeling like myself again after my jaw surgery… mostly. It’s been a hard emotional journey. I wasn’t prepared for that. All of life is a journey, right? This is part of my journey.

Ok, enough chit chat. Try this!

The Purple One.

Makes one large (2 cup) or two small (1 cup) servings.

8 oz. unsweetened almond milk (Almond Breeze or freshly made)
3 oz. frozen strawberries
2 oz. frozen wild blueberries (Trader Joe’s, delicious!)
1/4 cup rolled oats
3 T unsweetened shredded coconut
3 Medjool dates, pitted (4 if your dates are small)
tiny pinch of salt (optional)

Process until very smooth.

Full serving is around 450 calories.
Half serving is around 225 calories.

– – – – – – – – – –

I survived on a liquid/soft diet for a long time. This is my favorite smoothie from the recovery. It’s high in calories, but it’s packed with fiber and lots of good stuff. Don’t be afraid of “healthy” calories!

Watching your weight? Share with someone you really love. I was having a hard time keeping my weight up during recovery so I didn’t share mine! (wink)

Hope you enjoy this delicious smoothie as much as I do! I just can’t get over how gorgeous the color is. So lovely.

xoxo ~ whitney ~

Tofu Shirataki Noodles

February 17, 2010

Tofu Shirataki Noodles

Have you heard of these noodles? I’ve been hearing about them quite a bit over the last year, but was never able to find them. Finally, I tracked them down at Whole Foods Market. There are mixed reviews on their flavor and texture, but I found them to be a satisfying substitute for regular, starchy noodles. Rinse them as the package suggests, and add to your favorite broth for an instant, healthy Ramen dish.

I used a can of vegetable broth, celery, onions, garlic, salt and pepper for my soup. In about 20 minutes I had my meal ready! While I won’t lead you on and say this is one of the best things I have ever eaten… It was quite satisfying for a light dinner. Experimentation is in order to find the perfect flavor combos and pairings for these noodles. Their texture is a bit “springier” than normal ramen noodles, but again, this did not bother me. Some people really disliked the texture. I’ll let you be the judge.

Their flavor? I found them to be a blank canvas. I think they would absorb the taste of whatever you were cooking them with. Personally, I would stick to Asian inspired dishes, rather than Italian.

Tofu Shirataki Noodles

Want to try these  healthy “noodles” for yourself? Click here.

The Facts:

  1. Variety of shapes (spaghetti, fettuccine, angel-hair)
  2. Low Carb (3g per serving)
  3. Low Calorie (40 calories for the entire package!)
  4. No Cholesterol
  5. No Sugar
  6. Gluten-Free
  7. Dairy-Free
  8. Contains 10% Calcium
  9. Vegan

Have you tried these? I’d love to hear your favorite way to prepare them.
Must be refrigerated. Last for several months from purchase date. Cannot be frozen. Purchased mine for under $2 per package.

Angel Hair Zucchini “Pasta”

July 1, 2009

Mock Lemony Creme Pasta

This was super simple to make, super healthy and pretty darn tasty! I would call this Lemony Creme Zucchini Pasta. I adapted a recipe from RAWvolution and made it my own. The recipe was for a RAW “Alfredo” Sauce for your “pasta” noodles, but I didn’t have all the ingredients. I just threw together what I did have and topped it with raw spinach and a dollop of tapenade. It was very refreshing and bright, basically a cold summer pasta salad.

Mock Lemony Creme Pasta

The noodles I made with my new Saladacco Garnishing Machine. I’m so happy I ended up getting it because it really takes veggies to a different level. The zucchini was super easy to get through the machine, and the “noodles” were quite tender but still had a slight crunch. In the book, it was suggested to let the “noodles” sit out at room temperature for a couple hours to improve the texture a bit. I think this did help to feel more like pasta. Don’t you want to eat that bite?!

Angel Hair Zucchini Pasta

Above is the bottom portion of the Saladacco. It’s pretty fun to run these veggies through the machine. Once the “noodles” have all been cut you have to finger through slightly just to break apart. You could also peel the zucchini first, but I like the extra color. Also, I’m sure there are good nutrients in the skin. It’s much thinner and softer than say cucumber skin, so it doesn’t interfere with the texture of the dish.

Angel Hair Zucchini Pasta

All these noodles came from one zucchini! I would say this would feel 2 adults as a main or 4 side servings. The recipe below would probably be enough for the entire bowl of noodles, but I only prepared about a cup of noodles and spooned the sauce over. You may need to adjust if making a large quantity.

Lemony Creme Sauce

1/4 cup raw pine nuts
Juice of one lemon (more or less depending on the flavor you want)
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
1 garlic clove
1/3 cup Thai Coconut Water

*Optional: black pepper, other seasonings. I added a sprinkling of AllSpice, but the original recipe called for Nutmeg, I didn’t have any.

Simply add all ingredients in a blender and blend away. (The sauce will have small chunks of the pine nuts if you are using a common household blender as I was. If using a high speed blender, I would image the sauce will be a little creamier.)

To plate, I piled noodles high, spooned sauce over the noodles. I then topped mine with sliced, raw spinach leaves and a dollop of Roasted Red Pepper Tapenade from Trader Joe’s.

Please share your ideas! I’m sure there are endless possibilities for these noodles. I can’t wait to experiment more!

This is my journey…

June 23, 2009

Grand Canyon 4

I love food. I love the endless possibilities available. I have found over the years that my body doesn’t like when I eat highly processed, dairy heavy, meat heavy, wheat heavy items. Whether or not I have food allergies or sensitivities is technically unproven, however I know that I feel best when I eat healthy, clean and fresh. This is my journey going from the normal American diet to a more earth-friendly and body-friendly mostly plant-based lifestyle.

My number one reason for trying to make this life change is health. Above all, that is my first priority. Beyond that, I’m still exploring other reasons I feel drawn to this lifestyle. We will see as I research and explore the world of vegetarianism. I’ve already cut out red meat and pork. I’m quickly moving towards cutting out poultry and fish as well. Milk and cheese is going to be the hardest thing for me to give up. I really enjoy a nice cheese. I’m in no rush necessarily to jump into a completely vegan diet, but this is a process that I will work through within myself. Only you can know your own body, right? Right.

And, along the way, my poor husband will be thrown into this world as well. For that, my dear, I apologize ahead of time! (xoxo)

Please feel free to offer advice, suggestions, links to other blogs, etc… I would much appreciate it!

***Edit: I realized labeling myself a Vegetarian just isn’t for me. I enjoy good food too much to limit the possibilities. I do however remain passionate about choosing my animal products from sources that are humane in their treatment and process. I’m not a huge animal eater, but I’m also not opposed to it when the urge comes to my body. It’s a journey… with constant twists and turns.***