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Panko Zucchini Bites

August 22, 2009

Panko Zucchini Bites

This was a perfect little side dish to our dinner last night. I made Spinach and Goat Cheese Turkey Burgers with these Panko Zucchini Bites as the side. I started with a Weight Watchers recipe that I’d bookmarked a while back. I made a few changes by adding a lot of Italian herbs to the flour, and I used whole wheat Panko bread crumbs to add more nutritional value to the dish.

Goat Cheese and Spinach Turkey Burgers

I would recommend trying this as a nice alternative to french fries or chips. It was quite crunchy and satisfying. We dipped in a little lemon pepper mayo that I’d made for the burgers. It added a nice extra flavor to them. There are many healthy dips I’m sure that would be great with these. Any suggestions?